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Valentine’s Day Special: Beet Idlis

The family has a new name for me – ‘sneaky mom’ 🙂 Can’t blame them …I have been really on a roll lately adding spinach and carrot to idlis, then adding beets to the vegan chocolate cake I baked last weekend. So anyways I am happy with the title and the family is not really complaining. […]

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Calamari – 2 ways! : Spicy Sauteed and Chick Pea batter fried

Until a few years ago I thought that calamari was ‘fried squid’ – i.e I thought the name of the dish where squid was fried was calamari! So I am sure that some of you might still be under that confusion. So let’s clear your doubts.  Calamari, is just the Italian name for squid. And the dish that most […]

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Easy ‘No Bake’ Chocolate Coconut bars (Healthy Chocolate bars using coconut oil)

Valentine’s day is long gone… however, that doesn’t mean that your chocolate cravings are gone too right? Chocolate can be truly your best friend – you rely on it when you are blue…. you like to indulge in it when you are happy ….and when you are bored, chocolate always comes to your rescue! In recent months I […]