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Here are some AIP resources (ebooks, books and websites) I highly recommend if you are new to AIP or if you are looking to start AIP


‘The Complete Guide to AIP’ ebook

AIP CookBooks:


AIP ECookbooks:

Another great resource are the following Ebooks with AIP Recipes. I have contributed my recipes to 3 of these books!

The Global Paleo AIP KitchenAIP by Season

Paleo/AIP Websites:

The Autoimmune Protocol or AIP diet has helped me tremendously to help reduce pain and inflammation with my RA and hence I want to help promote this diet to all those people who are suffering from any autoimmune disease.  When my naturopath first suggested this diet to me, she gave me two main resources – ‘Autoimmune Wellness‘ and ‘The Paleo Mom‘ websites.  These two websites have been incredibly helpful for me as I first embarked on this diet. Between both these sites, you can find almost every resource you would need to get started on AIP – foods to avoid lists, foods to eat lists, recipes, meal plans, cookbooks, general tips, recovery stories etc etc. Over the years another website I really like is ‘Phoenix Helix‘ where Eileen Laird shares a wealth of information regarding AIP via her blog posts as well as her podcasts.

Group Coaching Program:

In addition to the above, another great resource is the ‘SAD to AIP in 6 weeks’ Coaching program by Angie Alt which I think is an incredible resource for someone who is ill with an autoimmune disease and wants to try AIP.  When you are in pain, everything seems hard. You know you have to do AIP to get better but you simply don’t have the energy! That’s where Angie’s SAD to AIP program comes in super handy!  It is a six-week, online, group health coaching program created for people who are committed to regaining their health and ready to begin the Autoimmune Protocol with a phased approach in a supportive environment. It’s also the only AIP group health coaching program with proven clinical results. The program was used in a medical study in 2016, and 73% of study participants achieved clinical remission. To learn more about the incredible results achieved with this program, read here. The enrollment for the next session starts soon! Sign up now!

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