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Chicken Dum Biryani with brown rice || Dairy Free ||

If you have ever had ‘Biryani’ before, then just the mention of the word is likely to tingle your tastebuds and evoke the memory of the wonderful aromas that is so characteristic of a good biryani. And if you are not served it shortly after, you will surely start experiencing cravings:) I have posted a detailed recipe […]

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Chicken Kheema Curry with Potatoes (Paleo, AIP)

Until recently I used to always use chicken kheema(minced chicken) to only make shaami kabobs.  Now this kheema curry is frequently on our menu for weekends.  I came across ‘Hyderabadi Kheema curry’ on youtube while browsing hyderabadi recipes.  That recipe used mutton mince which is what is used traditionally.  However, since I don’t eat red meat now, […]

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Home made Rice Noodles (Idiappam) with chicken curry

Idiappam is one of the many breakfast dishes of Kerala.  Rice noodles made from scratch and steam cooked in small rounds/mounds to resemble idlis. For breakfast they are often paired with egg curry.  Another way to eat these for breakfast is by dipping in slightly sweetened coconut milk. Yum! That is still my favorite way […]

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Chicken Curry for the Soul

What makes a good curry? Well …let’s see… a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a lot of tender loving a.k.a slow simmering, an unique combination of spices that is the right marriage of flavors and a final product that is both attractive to the eyes as well as intoxicating to the palate… don’t […]

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Chicken in an almond yoghurt sauce (Moghlai Chicken)

  Imagine the goodness of almonds in your curry. Now add the most flavorful blend of spices to it.  And then imagine ‘marinated in yoghurt’, tender, juicy, falling off the bone chicken pieces in this gravy.  That my dear would be your Moghlai Chicken – A curry that originated in the Moghul era and was cooked for […]

Chicken Dishes, Indian, Main Course, Non-vegetarian dishes, North Indian cuisine

Easy Indian Chicken Curry || Instant Pot Saag Aloo Chicken || Chicken Curry with spinach and potatoes

  Many folks whom I know will tell me “Oh I just love Indian food but it is so complicated to cook it! “.  My answer of course has always been – ‘that’s not true at all. Once you know the basic spices that make a curry, you can then really try and make it your […]