Sweet Coconut Dumplings || Grain Free Modaks

One of the main reasons why I have been able to stay grain free(largely!) for the last 4 1/2 years is because I try to create grain free versions of my comfort foods. My comfort foods are the foods that … Continue reading

Tapioca Pearl and Sweet Potato Khichri (Paleo, AIP)

Tapioca pearl khichri (paleo, AIP)

Tapioca or Yucca or Cassava has become one important component of my diet these days since I am avoiding all grains and all other starches. I mostly just boil fresh yucca pieces (after peeling and chopping them) with sea salt. Or … Continue reading

Malvani Chicken Curry(Chicken curry with roasted coconut masala)

Born and raised in Mumbai by parents who were natives of Kerala, we grew up greatly influenced by both Keralan and Maharashtrian cultures. Our next door neighbor hailed from the Malvan region of Maharashtra which is also a coastal region just … Continue reading

Mumbai Vada Paav with home made Paav

One of my favorite street foods in Mumbai is the  ‘Vada Paav’ or the poor man’s burger which is made with potatoes and chick pea flour.  Vada Paav is as basic to Mumbai as cheese burger is to America.  It is … Continue reading

Shaali Aunty’s Misal Paav (Spicy Sprouted Moth lentil curry)

Hope the New Year is going well for everyone thus far. The holidays that just went by were simply fabulous. We were blessed to be flanked by friends, some of whom are like family and of course there was too … Continue reading

Holi Special: Puran Poli (Sweetened Lentil Stuffed Paranthas)

The festival of colors is separated all over India but the sweet treats vary from region to region.  In Maharashtra, the ‘Holi special’ food is ‘Puran poli’ which means flatbread or parantha stuffed with a sweet lentil mixture. Yum! Holi … Continue reading

Sesame Ladoo/ Brittle || Til Chikki with honey || Til Ladoo with honey

Today, January 14th  is Sankrant or Makara Sankranti , which is one of the most auspicious festivals for Hindus, and is celebrated in almost all parts of India and also in Nepal and SriLanka with great fervour and festivities.  Sankrant is a harvest festival and it also … Continue reading