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Healthy Black Bean Brownie

My kids love chocolate and they especially love fudgy chocolate brownies. So I am constantly trying to make healthier versions of this dessert.  Recently I came across a brownie made with black beans when I was watching Food Network on TV. I was at first revolted by the idea of using black beans in any […]

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Moru Kootan || Yoghurt and coconut curry || Kerala Moru Curry

Moru kootan is a very typical Kerala dish which is a yoghurt coconut curry where usually a vegetable like  green(raw) plantain or chembu (taro root) is cooked in a yoghurt /buttermilk (moru in malayalam) and coconut sauce.  ‘Kootan’ means any ‘curry’ that can be had with rice. When I first started cooking kerala dishes in […]


Peachy Black bean salad

Black bean salad with avocados has actually been my staple lunch for quite sometime now. Black beans I like and avocados I simply adore!  I cannot have enough of the combination ever.  This week I tried something additional in my salad and the outcome was truly fabulous.  We got farm fresh nectarines from our local […]

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Spicy Shrimp and Potatoes

Shrimp and Potatoes  masala As a  little girl I loved potatoes  (and I still do!) so this was  a recipe  my mom  had created  so as to cater to everyone’s tastes in the family  – ‘potatoes’ for me , ‘shrimp’ that my sisters would die for and  ‘hot and spicy’ for my dad. This dish […]

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Easy Blueberry Crostada (Blueberry Pie)

  July is the season for colorful berries – I love to go picking berries with my two children and in our enthusiasm we usually end up with more berries than our freezer can handle!  Anyways this past weekend we got really great fresh blueberries and I decided to bake a blueberry pie.  I searched […]