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Whole Wheat Indian Bread(Roti or Chapati)

A typical Indian meal is well-balanced and healthful since it consists of whole wheat bread (roti) , vegetable dish or meat dish, lentils curry (dal) and some rice.  Rotis are made at home in every Indian household (at least it used to be until modernization hit India along with everyone else!) Rotis are usually made […]


Bread Rolls

Bread is so easily available everywhere – so many bakeries even inside grocery shops that have freshly baked bread and so one may think why go to this trouble of baking breads since it seems so incredibly complicated anyways? I agree that some of the bread recipes do seem complicated plus they require a lot […]

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Banana Nut Bread

At the end of the week, I often end up with at least a couple overripe bananas and I usually make one of two things with them – ‘Unni appams’, which are steamed banana muffins or ‘banana nut bread’, which is a cake with bananas and walnuts.  Sometimes I also add other dried fruits to […]

Avial (Mixed vegetable Stew)
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Mixed vegetables in coconut sauce || Kerala ‘Avial’ (Vegan, Paleo, AIP)

  Avial (pronounced as Aveeh-ial) is a delicious and sumptuous mixed vegetable dish that is essentially very simple to make (if you follow the directions carefully!) I would say the only  complicated part of this dish is the use of many different vegetables and the different cooking times that they require.   Avial is made […]

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Healthy Black Bean Brownie

My kids love chocolate and they especially love fudgy chocolate brownies. So I am constantly trying to make healthier versions of this dessert.  Recently I came across a brownie made with black beans when I was watching Food Network on TV. I was at first revolted by the idea of using black beans in any […]