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Banana blossom and shrimp stir fry || Vazha Kodappan Thoran || (Paleo, Whole30, AIP)

 When you are kids, you live in a blissful state…you take everything for granted.  Mom slogs in the kitchen and presents tasty dishes to you which you devour without even pausing to thank her for her hard work and talent. It’s not that you are a spoilt brat or anything …it just never occurs to […]

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Chicken and Pineapple Stuffed Swiss Chard Wraps

Did I read ‘A healthy recipe challenge’?  Wow,  now that’s the kind of thing that gets my attention!   And a challenge hosted by dear Angie of Fiesta Friday?  Now that is one that I cannot ignore, can I?  Especially considering the fact that for the last 18 months I have been scouring for knowledge combing through […]

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Easy ‘No Bake’ Chocolate Coconut bars (Healthy Chocolate bars using coconut oil)

Valentine’s day is long gone… however, that doesn’t mean that your chocolate cravings are gone too right? Chocolate can be truly your best friend – you rely on it when you are blue…. you like to indulge in it when you are happy ….and when you are bored, chocolate always comes to your rescue! In recent months I […]


The truth about coconut and coconut oil

Show me the evidence! If you asked me the question ‘Is coconut good or bad for you’ about 5 years ago, I would not have had an answer simply because I had not done enough research at that time to prove it one way or the other.  However, as I embarked on this journey to […]

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ChocoNutty Bars

Do you ever crave for something sweet and ‘chocolatey’ in the middle of the day? Well I certainly do …and sometimes also after a meal.  So this is one bar that will satisfy your craving for chocolate and at the same time also deliver some healthful stuff since it has coconut as well as walnuts […]

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Moru Kootan || Yoghurt and coconut curry || Kerala Moru Curry

Moru kootan is a very typical Kerala dish which is a yoghurt coconut curry where usually a vegetable like  green(raw) plantain or chembu (taro root) is cooked in a yoghurt /buttermilk (moru in malayalam) and coconut sauce.  ‘Kootan’ means any ‘curry’ that can be had with rice. When I first started cooking kerala dishes in […]