Perfect Chocolate Cake – a ‘healthier’ version (Gluten Free, dairy free, refined sugar free)

I have probably said this before and will say it again – “Chocolate makes the world go around!” And there is something about ‘chocolate cake’ that makes everyone drool! And when it comes to both my children, they usually look … Continue reading

Yam and Coconut Soup (Elephant foot yam curry)

Elephant foot yam? Now what is that? My kids were stumped. What a weird name! But if you see this yam, which is like a super large  yam or potato, it does indeed resemble an elephant’s foot!   In Indian … Continue reading

Shrimp and green mango curry || Chemmeen and manga curry|| Kerala Shrimp curry (Paleo)

Green(Raw) Mangoes are a delight! As kids I remember me and my sisters begging my mom to save us a few pieces while she was slicing the green mangoes to use in fish/shrimp curry or to make a green mango … Continue reading

Winter melon / Ash gourd coconut curry (Kumbalanga curry)

Some days we crave for something very simple  yet something that is very comforting – I am sure you will agree!  For me one of those comfort foods is this curry – something that transports me back in time where … Continue reading