Spinach / Carrot Idlis

DSC_1122‘Idlis’ are quite healthy as is.  Made with Rice and Urad dal these are steamed – so no oil or fat involved and the batter being fermented, they are light on the stomach too. Because of their high nutrition value and also because they are a little bit like finger food, kids usually like it. My kids do. So I thought how to make them even more healthier? One problem I still have with my daughter is that she does not eat vegetables.  So I toyed with the idea of adding shredded veggies to the Idli batter but I knew that wouldn’t fly well with my ‘oh so fussy’ one. Hence I came up with this idea of adding pureed spinach and pureed carrots. This makes it colorful and attractive and taste wise these idlis turned out so delicious and flavorful that everyone enjoyed them – both kids and adults alike! As for me, I had a smug smile on my face and gave myself a mental pat on my back. Amazing how kids bring out your creative talents I say that… since I am anything but that:)

I am bringing these healthy ,delicious and vegan bread to Throwback Thursday this week. Also to Fiesta Friday where Sonal from Simply vegetarian777 and Petra from Foodeatlove are co-hosts.  Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I love it, stealthy veggies! The best part is how fun and colorful they are! Thanks for bringing this by Throwback Thursday! We hope to see you next week, and be sure to follow our Pinterest!


  2. Wow Indu, these look sensational (very creative indeed)! We’ve never tried an Idlis before, but it looks like we’re now going to have to try them with our next curry! We love how you’ve managed to fit so many veggies in them too (sneaky mum!) 😀 Thanks so much for sharing these light and delicious morsels. 🙂

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