AIP sweet potato bread

Sweet Potato Paratha || Sweet Potato Tortilla (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

AIP sweet potato paratha   Flatbreads are very common in Indian cuisine and there are so many different varieties of them.  Rotis, Naans, Parathas and stuffed Parathas.  I have posted a few different recipes myself here like grain free Roti,  grain free Naan , cassava methi paratha, Kheema paratha, sweet potato stuffed paratha

Paratha has a bit more fat (oil) in it than rotis or naans. A paratha is cooked on a pan just like a roti however some oil or ghee is applied to it while it is being cooked. This makes it slightly crisp and flaky on the outside and so delicious!

This sweet potato paratha is actually not a traditional recipe but its something I developed to make it easier than the ‘sweet potato stuffed paratha‘ recipe. Now potato and sweet potato and / other veggies stuffed parathas are very common in Indian cuisine. They are delicious but they are also a bit harder to roll (after stuffing).  And when you use cassava flour it becomes even harder due to the sticky nature of cassava flour. That’s why I decided to mix the sweet potato into the dough itself and made this version one day and it came out simply delicious!  A couple more tries later it came out perfect and this paratha is very sturdy to hold up curries as well as pretty easy to roll out!  Now that is pretty awesome right?

Sweet Potato ParathaYou can eat this paratha as a side to any meal. I particularly like to eat it sometimes for breakfast along with some additional mashed sweet potato on the side! Yum! Yeah I mostly don’t eat breakfast and do Intermittent fasting, however occasionally I will break that pattern (btw diet variation is actually very good for you in case you didn’t know!)  and eat extra carbs and this breakfast is perfect for that 🙂

Since my grain free flatbread recipes are popular on my youtube channel, I did a video for this one too!

Hope you try this recipe! And let me know how you like it in the comments below or by posting on instagram and tagging me (@cook2nourish).

If you like this recipe, you should definitely check out my cookbook AIP Indian Fusion, which has 114 AIP compliant recipes including 8 different flatbreads like this one!

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Sweet Potato Paratha || Sweet Potato flatbread (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)
Recipe type: Breads
Cuisine: Indian Fusion
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
A delicious grain free flatbread made with cassava flour and sweet potato!
  • ½ cup packed boiled and mashed sweet potato (see notes)
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • ½ cup cassava flour
  • 1 tbsp arrowroot starch
  • About ½ a cup hot water (in divided portions)
  • 1-2 tbsp avocado oil
  • extra cassava flour for dusting
  • extra avocado oil for pan frying
  1. In a large mixing bowl, add the mashed sweet potato (make sure there is no water in the cooked sweet potato before you mash it)
  2. Add the salt, the cassava flour and the arrow root starch.
  3. Add half of the hot water and mix using a wooden spatula. Then add the rest of the water slowly until all the flour gets wet. (You would need a bit less than ½ a cup )
  4. Let cool for a couple mins and then using your hands knead the dough.
  5. Add the oil and knead again until you get a smooth dough. Divide the dough into 4 portions and roll each portion into a ball. Keep the dough balls aside covered.
  6. Heat a cast iron or a non stick pan.
  7. While the pan is heating up, take a dough ball and lightly dust it with cassava flour. Roll it between parchment papers to be about 5 to 6 inches in diameter.
  8. When the pan is hot, lower heat to medium and place the rolled out paratha onto the hot pan. Let cook for 1 minute and then flip using a spatula. Using a small spoon, apply about ¼ tsp oil on the top of the paratha. Let cook for 1 more minute and then flip again. Again apply a little bit of oil on this side as well and let cook for another 30 secs or so until the paratha is slightly crisp and has some brown spots on the outside. Transfer to a serving plate.
  9. Finish cooking the rest of the parathas the same way.
  10. Serve parathas warm as a side to your meal!
I like to cook the sweet potato in my Instant pot with skin on (Place about 3-4 sweet potatoes in the insert pot with 1 cup water and pressure cook for 10 mins) Then when cool, I remove the skin carefully and then mash it in a bowl. this way there is no additional water in the mashed sweet potato mixture.
Also, you can use either orange fleshed or white fleshed sweet potato in this recipe.

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  1. Just made a batch of these. Very easy and they came out looking exactly as they should have. I like the flavor and texture and will be adding them to tonight’s dinner. I can see adding some spices depending on what they will be used for. Curry would be nice (in a small amount) and even cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for a breakfast treat. DEFINITELY a keeper!

    • They should last for 3-4 days in the refrigerator. Stack them up as is that is do not fold them as then they will tend to break apart. For warming, you can cover them up with a slightly wet paper towel and microwave for 10-15 seconds.

  2. thanks for this recipe! I should’ve watched the video first as I made mine too thick… the recipe says 3-4 ” but in the video its more like 6″ or so . But they still are good.!

    • Thank you for that observation. I edited the recipe now! I don’t know what I was thinking when i wrote 3-4 inches. Yeah always better to watch my videos too. That’s why I make them! 🙂 Glad you figured it out! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe. I keep trying to make cassava flour flat breads but they were always a crumbly mess, with this recipe they were smooth and easy to roll out. Thank you!

    • thanks so much for your feedback! Yeah I love how sturdy this one is ! Btw do you mind rating the recipe too? I will greatly appreciate it!

      • I do use tapioca starch in some recipes. However in this recipe I won’t recommend it. if you do not have arrowroot starch, just use more cassava flour. Hope that helps!

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