AIP Creamy Coconut Yogurt

How to make Coconut Yogurt || Creamy Coconut Yoghurt (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

 In my pre-AIP and pre RA days, yoghurt was a staple in my diet. I had a cup of it twice daily!  I liked plain unsweetened full fat yoghurt alongside my rice and curry. And also liked to have it slightly sweetened with fruits as a snack or as dessert.  When I went dairy free, yoghurt was the hardest to give up! But then slowly as I started AIP, it became easier since I stopped eating rice as well! So then I did not miss the yoghurt as much.

AIP Creamy Coconut YogurtOver the past 3 years I have been making coconut yoghurt and although they have been coming out ok, I never quite got the creamy texture as in the traditional yoghurt made using dairy.  Until now that is.  Yes, I finally got the creamy texture that I so craved for!  YAY! Omg! I cannot believe how creamy and delicious this yoghurt is!  And so simple to make! You have got to try it!  I also did a video since a couple of my followers had asked me for the recipe for coconut yoghurt when I posted my mango lassi recipe recently. This method can also be used to make dairy free sour cream!

This is such an easy and an economical recipe because store bought coconut yogurt is so expensive. I have not labeled this recipe as Keto since it has arrowroot as thickener but the % of arrowroot is low so it can be considered as keto if you keep your overall carbs low.

What do you need for this recipe:

I also use my Instant Pot to make this but you do not need an Instant Pot. You can also just place it in a warm place like inside an oven with the lights on.

Tips for making creamy yoghurt and / sour cream:

  1. Make sure your coconut milk mixture is only slightly warm when you mix the probiotic into it. It should not be too hot as that will kill the probiotic bacteria.
  2. After the yoghurt is formed, transfer container to the refrigerator and store for 2-4 hours for it to set.
  3. To make sour cream, you can strain the yoghurt using a fine mesh strainer or a cheese cloth for 30 mins to an hour to get thick sour cream.

I made a video too so you can follow step by step instructions:

How to make Creamy Coconut Yogurt || Instant Pot Coconut Yoghurt (Paleo, AIP, Keto)
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1-2
Creamy and delicious dairy free yoghurt that is perfect as a snack or as dessert! This method using the Instant Pot will make creamy yoghurt every single time!
  1. In a small sauce pan pour the coconut milk. Take 2 tbsp of the coconut milk from the sauce pan and transfer to a small bowl. Add the arrowroot starch to this small bowl and mix using a spoon to form a slurry.
  2. Heat the sauce pan with the coconut milk on low heat. Once the coconut milk gets slightly hot (about 2 mins), pour the arrowroot slurry into it and keeping heat at low, stir mixture continuously. In about two minutes the mixture will start to thicken. Keep stirring and after a minute, turn heat off. Let this thickened coconut mixture cool for about 5 minutes.
  3. Dip a clean finger into the mixture to make sure it is only slightly warm (like warm) and not hot. Now carefully empty the contents of the probiotic capsules into the mixture and disperse well into the mixture by mixing with a spoon. Now transfer the still slightly warm mixture into a clean glass jar.
Instant Pot directions:
  1. Cover the jar with its lid or with a kitchen towel and place inside the insert pot of an Instant Pot. Place the lid and press 'Yoghurt' setting. Time will appear as 12 hours or 18 hours. Change time manually to 24 hours.
  2. After 24 hours, open the Instant Pot and remove the jar. Open jar and taste the yoghurt to see if it has the level of sourness that you desire. If you want to make sour cream, you can continue to keep it in the Instant Pot for 12 more hours and further strain using a cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer.
  3. After the yoghurt or sour cream is formed, transfer container to the refrigerator and store for 2-4 hours for it to set.
If not using instant pot:
  1. If not using Instant Pot, place the glass jar in a warm place on the kitchen counter or inside the oven putting the oven lights on for 24 hours. For making sour cream, you can keep it outside for 36-48 hours and further strain using a cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer.
  2. After the yoghurt or sour cream is formed, transfer container to the refrigerator and store for 2-4 hours for it to set.

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  1. I am excited to try this, but one question. Can I make this in bulk? I would like to make more than 1 cup at a time. There are 4 of us in my household that are doing AIP. It’s easier that way. If I can make it in large sizes, how long will it keep in the refrigerator?
    Thank you

    • Yes you can make larger quantities of the recipe. It will stay in the refrigerator for a week after which it can turn sour.

    • When you put the lid on the jar is it on tight or left somewhat loose? I thought it needs to breathe somewhat but can’t tell by your video how tight the jar lid is screwed on. I’m also assuming that the pressure valve is off when making this in your instant pot? Thanks for your help with this. I’m excited to make this recipe.

      • Yes the lid does not have to be tight but its kept covered fully. And yes pressure valve is off. It’s just the temperature control that is working for the yogurt setting.

  2. I got your wonderful book on Saturday and couldn’t wait to make some of the recipes. Since I am quarantining, I can’t run out to get ingredients. I was able to make this recipe and was so excited to have the yogurt. When I opened my Instant Pot today, the yogurt was all moldy on top. The mold was beautiful, but not in a way that made me think I could eat the yogurt. Any idea what the problem might be?

    • Hi Terry I tried to reply to you by my phone I am not sure if you got that! But anyways, I will respond here again! How long did you keep it in the Instant Pot? Did you cover the yogurt container? I wonder if the insert pot had some mold in it? Just trying to think. Also if it is just a whitish layer of fungus, you can just discard it and still use the yogurt. Hope that helps! And thanks so much for purchasing my book! I hope you enjoy it!

      • I LOVE the book. I am a cookbook fiend, but since I started AIP, not many have both fit and attracted me. I also love Indian food and have been missing it. I’m worried about drooling all over the pages!
        I sterilized the jars in the Instant Pot before I put the yogurt in, so both jars and the interior of the pot should have been sterilized. I did not put the lids on the jars, but if I had, they had been sterilized as well.
        It was mostly a crinkly whitish layer, but there were some thin pinkish and dark green spots as well, with the dark green sinking in from the surface a bit. They were pretty for a fabric design, but not for food. If you have any further suggestions, I have saved the yogurt in my fridge awaiting your response.
        If you emailed me as a reply to my comment, it may have been filtered out by my ISP. That seems to happen. Sorry!

  3. Yes you can do that but the consistency of the yoghurt will be thinner. If you get tapioca starch , you can use that too instead of arrowroot. Hope that helps!

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