Plantain fritters (Pazham Pori) and a taste of Kerala

Plantain fritters (Pazham Pori)Today I wanted to post a simple recipe for Plantain fritters (called Pazham Pori in Malayalam, the local language of Kerala) made in the Keralan way! A perfect accompaniment to your late afternoon tea ! Oh yes,  late afternoon tea as you can imagine is very common in Kerala with these local tea stalls (called chaaya kadas in Malayalam, ) offering snacks like Pazham Pori(plantain fritters), Parippu wada (lentil fritters) among others to satisfy the middle of the day cravings! Since the recipe in itself is not very complicated and since I will be bringing these fritters to Angie’s Fiesta Friday, I thought about putting together a short and sweet narrative describing Kerala to all those who don’t know much about this beautiful paradise on earth!

Located on the southwestern tip of India, Kerala is a beautiful coastal state and is often referred to as ‘God’s own country’!. Tall coconut trees, tranquil backwaters, green forests, vast spice and tea plantations, and white sandy beaches ….need I say more!

As for foods,  Kerala will surprise you with quite a mix of vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes. Kappa and meenu curry(tapioca with fish), spicy fish fry, fluffy appams (rice hoppers), aviyal (vegetables in a coconut gravy), fish molee ( fish curry in coconut milk) , ada pradhaman (sweet pudding made out of rice and coconut milk) to name a few….(and of course you may also browse through my Kerala Recipe Index for  kerala recipes that I have posted thus far!)  A typical kerala sadya is a vegetarian meal with rice and anywhere between 10-15 vegetable dishes that is all served on a banana leaf.


And finally, I have created this beautiful gallery for you (my own camera shots so sorry they are not that professional! 🙁 ) to enjoy Kerala virtually with your plantain fritters and your cuppa tea! Enjoy!  Don’t forget to scroll below for the recipe for plantain fritters!

Recipe for Plantain fritters

This recipe makes about 16 fritters
Time Taken : About 20 minutes
3/4 cup all purpose flour
2 tbsp rice flour
a pinch of salt 
a pinch of turmeric powder
1  1/4 cup water
2  ripe plantains

Coconut Oil(or any other oil) for deep frying


Heat the oil in a deep pan (or a deep frier).

Peel the ripe plantains and cut each plantain into two halves first and then cut each half into 4 thin pieces.  (The plantains should be really ripe. If not completely black skin at least the plantain should be a little soft to touch.)



Take a medium size mixing bowl and add the flour, the rice flour,salt and turmeric. Add the water slowly mixing well to form a smooth batter without any lumps (batter will be loose batter).



When the oil is really hot, put the heat on medium and dip the plantain pieces one at a time into the batter and fry them for about 2-3 minutes turning them once in between.


Use a slotted spoon to get them out and drain excess oil on paper towels.

Enjoy with a steaming hot cup of tea!


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  1. I have a fried plaintain recipe that I got long ago from some Dutch friends, Marion and Koos, who served the plaintains with fried coconut and peanuts. I have not published that post yet. Like Angie, thanks Indu for the reminder of some good times with old friends. I do appreciate your pictures – I kind of miss my world travels 🙂

  2. Thank-you for the exquisite slide show of Kerala. It looks so green and serene. Also, I love plantain fritters, but have never tried to make them. Your recipe makes it look really easy! Thanks!

  3. Love banana fritters! Haven’t had them in such a long time. I’ve been into banana flambé lately. I’m not sure my kids have had banana fritters. I should make these for them to try. And I appreciate the Kerala slide show. Also the banana leaf meal. I had a similar meal when I went to Singapore. It was such a memorable experience. Thanks for the reminder, Indu! XOXO

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