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      • We were in Ahmeadabad which is ‘dry’, no alcohol, pure veg in most restaurants but we did go to a meat BBQ restaurant. We traveled in the north for 2 weeks and 10 days in the south. Husband and professor is an architect and students were architects so that was the focus of the time in India. I love Pondicherry in the south and all those beautiful temples but they tend to run together. We did go to Kerala and I saw the beginning of the word ‘jungle”. We had a wonderful backwater boat ride. Spent 2 days and nights in Goa where the students enjoyed the beaches and the professor and I marveled at the Portuguese churches ! We had been told the food in the south is hotter in spices but we didn’t find it. Husband can’t have a meal now without ‘red onions!” Where do you live?

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