Mango Coconut Halwa (Mango and Coconut fudge)

DSC_0802Happy Diwali to all! May the festival of lights light up your homes with love,good health and joy. And may it fire up your kitchen with enough warmth to provide comforting and indulgent foods through out the year for your family.!

Keep it simple. Minimal ingredients and fewer steps. That seems to be my new mantra in the kitchen. Of course, my recent RA diagnosis has a lot to do with it. I cannot do any less cooking and baking because cooking is what keeps me going. It has a therapeutic effect more than any medication can provide. So this Diwali too I have been making the traditional sweets …pains and aches can wait,Diwali is here! And thanks to my wonderful husband who is always ready to provide me a helping hand in the kitchen whenever I need it.  So we made Besan laddoos, murukkus and chivda.  When it comes to Diwali sweets, I have always found it hard to control myself and found myself gorging up on all of them. This year though it is going to be hard since I am on a gluten free and dairy free diet.  I therefore wanted to make a new sweet that I could eat! It would be gluten and dairy free and still be something enticing! I kept thinking what I should make and then finally came up with this mango and coconut halwa. Not surprising since coconut and mangoes are two of my favorite ingredients when it comes to sweets!  I did not want to use any dairy so used cashew powder to enable the binding.  Keeping in mind my latest mantra of simplicity, I decided to try making it in the microwave. So one bowl – 4 ingredients and 8 minutes later you end with this gorgeous piece of halwa that is so downright irresistible.!

Bringing these delicious ‘feel good’ Diwali treats to our neighborhood Diwali party as well as Fiesta Friday too this week!











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  1. Yummy this sounds so good!! This Halwa stuff is something I really want to try, I had never herd of it until very recently with everyone talking about their sweeties for the Diwali festival. Thanks for sharing your version of this with us at Fiesta Friday. I love the flavours of well everything in this!

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