Around the World #1: Tortilla Española (Spanish Potato Omelet)

aroundtheworldrecipesDSC_0960OK So we are still in Spain ..I mean virtually of course (and how unfortunate that is…wish I could be there in person too!).  Anyways, I posted the incredibly delicious Paella recipe last week along with my friend Angela’s equally delicious ‘citrusy flan’ recipe.  And now this week I wanted to explore Spanish cuisine some more so decided to try making ‘Tortilla Española’, which is an omelette made with potatoes and where the potato takes more of ‘center stage’ than the egg. As I understand, ‘Tortilla española’ exists in almost every nook and corner of Spain: it is served as fancy ‘tapas’ in city restaurants; as a filling for bocadillos (sandwiches) as street food; or even as ‘dinner’ in most homes served with bread and salad. Unlike most omelets, a tortilla Española is served at room temperature.

I again went back to my book,Savoring Spain and Portugal by Joyce Goldstein to get the basic recipe.  The recipe is simple except for the last step when you need to carefully flip the omelet from the pan onto a plate and then slide back onto the pan. I managed ok except for a slight spillage of the egg mixture onto the sides of my pan and the stove.  We also had this as dinner along with a light salad. The kids loved it and I think it is also a great ‘in between meals’  snack recipe to feed your hungry kids!:)

I am bringing this simple and yet so comforting and versatile ‘Tortilla Española’ to Angies’s Fiesta Friday this week.


Step-wise pictures:















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  1. I usually have this for breakfast when I’m out running errands! There are so many varieties of tortilla here, plain, with onions, with spinach, with crab meat…the list goes on and on! Good job!! I’ve still not mastered it after been living in Spain for almost 2 years!! ??

  2. This is a go to dinner eat in my household. All the yummmmm! 🙂 I reckon tortillas are one of the most handy ingredients to have in the cupboard. Love the idea of this series, looking forward to learning with you. 🙂

  3. Looks delicious Indu – I love frittatas (which is what I call this). Would you believe I have a special 2-piece pan (Calphalon) than can interlock which makes for turning an omelette very easy. Both pieces can be used as skillets as well.

  4. I love this recipe, Indu! I went to Spain when I was 19 and I still remember the flavours of this dish. I have often tried to re-create it, but will try your recipe soon. 😀 Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Oh yes, love making these for a special breakfast. It serves as a nice quick dinner too when you don’t want to fuss with anything. Love paella too, and I took a private lesson in Madrid to make authentic paella, it was an experience I’ll never forget. They taught me how to make sangria too. Your spanish omelette looks wonderful. It’s great to concentrate on certain cuisines isn’t it?

    • wow Loretta private cooking lesson in Madrid sounds so wonderful! You are so lucky! And yes that was the idea behind the series – so I can concentrate learning cuisines one at a time. Btw I would love the recipe for your paella too – have you posted it yet? thanks so much!

      • I have not posted it yet.. but I surely will since you asked. Actually when I returned from Madrid, and after having had that private lesson, I invited my cooking club over and showed them how to make it, so I can easily pull up those pictures and post the recipe. I haven’t made it in sometime, but me thinks Easter might see me making paella again 🙂 You’ve inspired me.

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