Almond Chocolate Cake with a Nutella and Rice Krispie filling

Valentine’s day is just around the corner but last weekend was our wedding anniversary and so I had to make a special cake! Since hubby dear in general does not love sweets but adores nuts I decided to make a chocolate almond cake replacing part of the flour with almond flour. I actually got the idea for this cake from a book called ‘My Sweet Mexico’ by Fany Gerson in which she shared the recipe for her exquisite 4 layer ‘Mexican Opera Cake’. This recipe was 3 pages long! I am not kidding! But judging by the ingredients and the elaborate recipe, I have no doubt that the cake must taste heavenly!  However I did not have that kind of time nor the infinite amount of patience needed to make any exquisite creation of that sort. Hence, I read the whole recipe back to back, enjoyed the pictures and then two days later decided to bake this cake using the Opera cake as an inspiration.!

My easy version decided to make a two layer cake and also use the same cake batter for the two layers except for the addition of cocoa to one layer. (The original recipe used two different cake recipes). I did use Fany’s ‘Nutella and rice krispie’ filling idea though –  I knew my kids would go ‘nuts’ over the nutella filling! And finally I made an easy ganache for topping the cake.  And of course, I used heart shaped pans to bake my cake 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you – May you spend joyous moments with your one and only and if you decide to bake this cake, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed! The biggest proof of that is that my sweetheart had an extra serving of the cake which is very very rare! 🙂

Much Love! XOXO

DSC_0020You will need two heart shaped pans or two shallow round 8 inch pans

















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  1. Is this heaven on earth? Will have to try it… I adore Nutella (who doesn’t?!) and the combination of almond cake, rice krispies and nutella sounds perfect!

  2. I heart this cake very much. 🙂 Love the combo of flavours, Nutella… Mmmm… It is like one of my all time fave eats, i reckon Id struggle to make this cake, mostly because the key ingredients wouldn’t hang about long enough.

    • thanks Naina! And it was really delicious too -the nutella filling made it really yum! just the 4 of us were able to finish the whole cake in 2 days and that’s really something considering my husband does not like sweets much! Happy Valentine’s day to you! 🙂

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