Flattened Rice savory snack (Poha Chivda)

IMG_2163Diwali is just around the corner and so Diwali snacks and sweets need to be made!  Well I ‘like’ to make them at home although nowadays everything is available at the store.  But for me nothing can beat ‘home-made’!  As kids we always loved Diwali – while most other kids loved the fire crackers more than the sweets, for me the best and most exciting part of Diwali was the goodies – the sweet and the savory snacks, that my mom used to start making at least a week or 2 weeks in advance of the festival.  My sisters and I would help her in this and most of the days this would begin late evening after she finished up cleaning the kitchen after dinner.  All four of us would huddle in the kitchen and amidst gossiping and plenty of story telling these snacks would be made.  We would then gift these snack platters to our neighbors and friends and in return also get gift platters from them! Oh what fun to go through those platters in search of your personal favorites! 🙂

Anyways, this year crazy as it has been with work and other things, I just began making stuff only yesterday.  I made murukkus yesterday and this simple and easy ‘chivda’ with flattened rice.  This was one snack that my dad used to make and so this recipe is his – I am so glad he is visiting us! 🙂  It’s so easy to make once you assemble everything. This is a perfect anytime snack not just Diwali snack! Goes great with tea/coffee.!


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  1. What a unique snack! As a kid a family friend used to fry these colorful puffy things as a snack for me…is this possibly puffed rice? I have the taste and texture in my mouth all these years later, but have never found what exactly that snack was but our friend visited a local Indian store often so I wonder if it was Indian…

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