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Happy 4th July! : A very berry tart

4th of July usually means staying home but staying outdoors, grilling and lots a fun! This year we had made plans to get away with friends to the beach. And we were all so looking forward to that when Arthur decided to pour water (literally!) over all our plans!  Husband and son were thrilled – they had been silently praying […]

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Blueberry Cream Cheese Ice Cream

I don’t know how many of you do this – but I love to look at recipe books, love to collect them (my small shelf in our dining room is already overflowing with cookbooks!)  and love to borrow books from the local library …and most of all love to glance through the pictures!  I don’t […]

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Creamy Custardy Fruit Salad

Fruit salad Yummy Yummy! … Angie from The Novice Gardener is hosting Fiesta Friday 2 this week again and I decided to bring this custardy fruit salad to the party. This is a dessert that I make often and is fabulous for parties! The fruits make it a ‘healthy’ dessert and the creamy texture of it  makes it always […]

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Easy and ‘Oh so Delicious!’ Mango Pie || ‘No Bake’ Mango Pie || Mango Pie with whipped cream

UPDATE: This recipe was originally posted in 2015 when our family was still eating gluten. I have in the past two years modified the crust recipe and now make it using dates and shredded coconut crust as in this recipe.  Mango Pie was one of the first desserts I learnt to make after moving to […]

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Easy Blueberry Crostada (Blueberry Pie)

  July is the season for colorful berries – I love to go picking berries with my two children and in our enthusiasm we usually end up with more berries than our freezer can handle!  Anyways this past weekend we got really great fresh blueberries and I decided to bake a blueberry pie.  I searched […]