'Home-made' Pizza night: 2 Healthy Veggie Pizzas delivered!

Home-made Pizza

Gourmet style Pizzas at home from scratch and that too on a weeknight? Yes, it is possible and I don’t even have a stand-mixer!!! Once in a month we have home-made pizza nights.  I used to until very recently get fresh pizza dough from the local bakery and then bake the pizza with different toppings and it was always a huge hit with my kids. Then I started experimenting making the dough at home too. Now I regularly make home made pizza dough too substituting about half the flour with whole wheat flour and  the pizzas taste awesome  – nice and crusty on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside. Adding whole wheat actually makes it easier on the hands too to roll the dough! Did a spinach and mushroom with ricotta cheese and an another one with black beans-tostada style!.  So many options for toppings abound – anytime you are running out of ideas just gloss over the menu of your local pizza place!. In my case, the ‘black beans’ one was inspired by California Pizza Kitchen’s tostada pizza.  Most important question that you may have – How did I accomplish all this on a weeknight after work? Well I started at 5 and kneaded the dough and kept for rising for about 1 hour. I prepared the topping stuff while the dough was doing its stuff. And so at 6.15 the pizzas went into the oven (one after the other) and both pizzas were ready by 6.45. Dinner eaten and plates wiped clean by 7.15 ! 🙂





Do not worry if you are not able to handle the dough professionally like Mario Batali 🙂 The pizza will still taste good as long as you are able to stretch it thin enough to fit the pan completely. Patch working is ok!

I like to cook the spinach and mushroom mixture beforehand so that they get a better flavor than just using them raw.

As soon as the pizzas are done, make cuts on the pizzas using a pizza cutter while it is warm.

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  1. These look great! Easy and affordable! I eat 100% organic and it is so easy to find all of the above ingredients in their organic versions- love it! Just found your blog and your recipes look so interesting and delicious! Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂 Feel free to check out mine anytime, I write about living an organic lifestyle on a budget. Now I want homemade pizza!

  2. Always think about making the pizza with wheat flour, but never tried 🙂 Good job Indu! Thanks for the recipe. Looks yummy!

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