Chicory Latte (Caffeine free, Dairy free, Paleo, AIP)

Living in the New England area has its own charms.  And the severe winter is not one of them. Having transplanted ourselves to the US all the way from India two decades ago now, one would think we would be well-seasoned and ‘conditioned’ to the harsh weather.  Not me.  The only thing I like about the winter is staying indoors and watching the snow fall.  While drinking a warm, luxurious coffee latte sitting close to the fireplace 🙂

And for about an entire year, spanning two winters, I was deprived of this comfort.  My naturopath who had recommended the AIP diet to me to bring the inflammation in my body down had strongly suggested that I avoid caffeine.  Not that I was a huge coffee drinker. Just a small coffee with a dash of cream and sugar was my thing and I needed that mid-morning every day.  I used to look forward to that ritual every morning! And now I couldn’t have that anymore. I felt deprived …especially on days like today when the temperature outside was in the single digits!  Yikes!

So how did I survive two winters that way? Don’t ask – just lots of hot green tea and herbal teas. They gave me the warmth my body needed but could not satisfy my ‘latte’ craving.  And then I heard about chicory. Somewhere on one of the social media sites, someone talked about chicory tea and how it was quite similar to coffee. I did some quick research online and found out that chicory root did not have the harmful effects of coffee.  Instead it has a lot of benefits. Chicory is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, boosts immune  and digestive systems and also provides relief from arthritis pain1.

I thought why not give chicory a try! Within two days my Amazon prime delivery had chicory in it. And then a few experiments later, I discovered my craving quenching, soul-satisfying latte! This was a latte to beat all lattes!  And you could make it in the comfort of your home!  So the first time I made this , I used coconut milk for the ‘cream’ part.  After enjoying this latte for several weeks, one day I decided to be a barista and used my hand blender to froth it up. Oh babe, now you got me hooked completely!  Who needs the $5 latte when you can make yourself one in 10 mins! And then one day I decided to add some carob to it to impart a ‘chocolatey’ flavor.  And that took it over the top! Carob gives it a richness and although I love it, I don’t like to always add it. But that was an option for days when I needed that something extra special!

Of late, I have begun substituting collagen creamer sometimes for coconut milk.  Since I mostly use homemade coconut milk, I sometimes run out of it and so I like this option of using a collagen creamer. Vital proteins’ coconut collagen creamer or their vanilla collagen creamer are both wonderful options and they provide a creamy texture and a robust, rich flavor to the latte. And I love the fact that I can bring a pack of creamer with me when I am traveling – that occasional cup of coffee that I have at airports or at a hotel can become better tasting and also a little nourishing when mixed with some collagen protein 🙂

You could also just use collagen peptides instead of collagen creamer although I recommend adding the coconut milk too in that case to give it the coconut flavor. Don’t you love it when you have options? Take my word – do try this latte recipe. You will thank me for it!  Have a wonderful, nourishing new year!

Sharing this delicious AIP latte at the Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable this week hosted by Phoenix Helix. 

Chicory Latte (Caffeine free, Dairy free, Paleo, AIP)

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1

A delicious, creamy and comforting latte using chicory and coconut milk that is caffeine free and dairy free



  1. Pour water into the coffee maker and brew the chicory brew - For every 1 cup of water, add 1 tsp of chicory granules into the coffee filter. Alternately, you can add the chicory to boiling water and let steep for a couple mins and then strain.
  2. In a large cooking pot, pour about 3/4 cup of chicory brew and place on heat. Add the coconut milk or the collagen creamer or if using collagen peptides, add both coconut milk and the collagen. Add the maple syrup and the carob, if adding. Heat for about 1 minute and turn heat off. Using a hand immersion blender or a regular blender, blend the mixture till frothy. Enjoy hot.


You can make this latte using only coconut milk, or collagen creamer or both coconut milk and collagen peptides. Although I have stated maple syrup as optional, I strongly recommend adding it as it makes the latte so delectable! This latte tastes best with homemade coconut milk or use a good quality canned milk like thisFor instructions on how to make your own homemade coconut milk, check out this post


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    • he he 🙂 Ronit as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions 🙂 And yes this one is indeed a tasty substitute to a regular coffee latte!

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