Almond Butter Strawberry Sandwich Roll Ups

Almond butter strawberry roll upsI am finally on a much needed sabbatical from work. Especially with the last two years being as crazy as they have been with my high paced work schedule and with my RA setting in last year. So I am taking a 3 month break from work to do the 3 Rs -rest, relax and rejuvenate 🙂 And also so I can focus 100% on following my naturopathic plan and heal my body.

So last week was my first week off.  The 1st day ended up being very hectic – I needed to make some appointments – dentist, physician, AC technician etc etc. And fill forms – my disability application, my son’s high school camp forms etc. etc. And my team member from work called me. To ask some work related stuff. And he called three times. Yikes.

Anyways, 2nd day looked more promising and I had a morning stroll in our backyard taking in the beautiful spring blossoms and taking some beautiful pictures. Yeah Smelling the roses. Rest of the week continued in that vein with me doing the bare minimum around the house. One of the things I did make was these cute sandwich roll ups.

These days with so many kids being allergic to peanuts, school snacks need to be peanut free. PBJ sandwiches are an easy snack item that my kids love.  Since PBJs cannot be brought in as a snack at school, I started substituting almond butter for peanut butter. And then I thought why not use fresh fruit instead of the jelly/jam and hence I came up with this ‘almond butter fresh strawberries’ version.  These ‘ABS’ sandwiches became a hit with my kids! And then I decided to make roll-ups just like I make for the cucumber chutney sandwiches.  That way my daughter loves them even more 🙂

Linking to Throwback Thursday and Fiesta Friday this week. Your co-hosts at FF this week are Mollie @ The Frugal Hausfrau and Aruna @ Aharam.

Sandwich roll ups


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  1. Namaskaram, Indu 🙂 – what you now need is to come to Kerala and go to one of the lovely Spa’s (TAJ in Cochin is my favourite) and let them spoil you 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Anyhow – have a good break and do take care. Carina
    btw – the Monsoon has hit us with a vengance.

    • Hi Carina, Actually Kerala is on my plan – will be visiting in July/Aug. 🙂 Thank you for your suggestion. I want to go to an ayurvedic spa. Where are you located now?

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