Peanut and Curry Leaves Chutney

DSC_1376I had been meaning to make peanut chutney for the longest time now. A co-worke had brought this ‘lip smacking’ peanut chutney into work one day and ever since I had been pestering him to get the recipe from his wife. He did oblige shortly (or rather his sweet wife did) and then somehow between this and that, I never got a chance to making it. Then as it so happened I saw the recipe for a curry leaves chutney in a Facebook group which I was attracted to instantly too. So finally the last time I made idlis, I decided to mix up the two and make this fabulous chutney with the two awesome ingredients – peanuts for the nutty smooth taste and fresh curry leaves in a good proportion to give it a really lovely and healthy dose of flavor!
DSC_1384Needless to say, this chutney went fabulously with the idlis. But I continued relishing it for the next day or two as an accompaniment to rice also. I have a feeling this will go well with pretty much anything – tortilla chips,pita chips, toast etc etc. Without further ado, here is the recipe. Enjoy!

Bringing this to Fiesta Friday where the wonderful Jhuls is the co-host this week who blogs at  Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook. Also Linking to Throwback Thursday this week.




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  1. When I first saw your recipe I thought curry leaves would be from Fenugreek. I planted some fenugreek seeds that my cardiologist gave me. I was surprised to find that I got a wonderful version of clover! Not the same as what you are posting as curry leaves. So, what exactly are curry leaves? Can you find a scientific name for them?

  2. Peanut and curry leaves sounds very good together in chutney. This must be so so good!! 😀 Thanks for sharing, Indu. I hope everything is okay with you. Hugs! <3

    • Hi Jhuls! yes indeed yummy chutney 🙂 I am doing ok. Stopped my medications since they were giving me too many problems. Going the natural route now with naturopathy and yoga. How are you doing?

  3. I love your recipes and this looks simply amazing. I would never have thought of making a peanut chutney, on my to do list! A brilliant recipe 🙂

    • Hi nandini, yes do try it.I am sure you will like it. It is definitely one chutney to be added to my chutney collection from now.

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