Moroccan Style Grilled Fish with Chermoula (Fish Brochettes)

Moroccan style grilled fish Grilled fish MoroccanMorocco fascinates me. I don’t know much about the country except that it is in North Africa but it fascinates me. The cuisine with a mix of North African, Middle Eastern and European influences sounds too, too exotic to me!  Oh how I would love to visit there sometime! To appease my inquisitiveness for now, I had bought this book “Cafe Morocco’ by Anissa Helou a long time ago. A few weeks ago, I randomly pulled it out of my library and reading through the recipes, two recipes particularly caught my attention – one was the recipe of swordfish brochettes and the other one of a fried fish served with chermoula sauce.  Oh boy, ever since I have been meaning to try those recipes. Finally I got the chance last night. Hubby and I were wondering what to make for dinner. I looked at him with a twinkle in my eye as to say ‘I have an idea’. Hubby immediately smiled shaking his head because he knew that would mean he would need to run out and get something.  He was right – I needed him to get some fish so I could make grilled fish Moroccan style. He obliged as always (he can never say no to fish! ) and in less than an hour we had tasty succulent spicy fish that we stuffed into tortillas to have as fish tacos. I also made chermoula which is a traditional Moroccan herb sauce that is usually served with grilled fish but will taste great with grilled veggies too.

The marinade for the fish consisted of parsley, garlic, cumin and paprika. So you can imagine all the flavors hitting your mouth as you pop a piece of the grilled fish – we used Tilapia but I can imagine this marinade going great with any other fish as well. Absolutely wonderful! The fish kebabs were a huge hit! I think this recipe for grilled fish is going to be a keeper in our house from now. Thank you Anissa!

DSC_1378Linking to Throwback Thursday this week. And to Fiesta Friday where  Naina @ Spice in the City and Julianna @ Foodie On Board are the lovely co-hosts this week.


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  1. Count me in for Moroccan cuisine too. Love all the flavors, they are just so enticing. I will have to try these grilled, the sauce sounds just wonderful! Fish tacos are my favorite too. 🙂

    • Elaine yes I remembered you making chermoula. I will take a look at your recipe. I think I blended my mixture a tad too much. The chermoula pictures on the web look like it has coarsely chopped leaves?

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