Happy Holi! : Puran Puffs (Sweet Lentil stuffed Puff Pastry)

Puran Poli PuffsHoli Hain! The mention of Holi makes my heart feel so happy. And warm. The warm feeling you get when you think of fun things that you used to do on Holi like fooling around with friends, playing pranks on strangers (only when I was a teenager 🙂 ), throwing tons of water and color on each other and of course gorging on ‘Puran Polis’ that my mom would make! And Holi being a harbinger of spring too, it is just the best of all festivals! Good weather and good times are here folks!  Yippy!

DSC_1366Puran Polis are a traditional sweet dish prepared in Maharashtra. I had posted the recipe for puran polis before.  Late Last year when our friend Vaishali visited us she prepared puran polis for me that I ate for every single meal for all of 2 days! Now because of my arthritis making polis (chapatis) is arduous and actually out of bounds for me. Hence I decided to be innovative and try something different. I don’t know how the idea came to me …I probably dreamed it not sure 🙂 …but I thought of stuffing the puran into puff pastry!

DSC_1388It was my easy way out but actually turned out to be so good! Was a big hit with my children and my hubby as well who generally does not like sweets much. I overfilled them with the puran (yeah I love it so much!) and so you can see the filling oozing out of the puffs…Wow! I am so happy 🙂

Bringing these delicious puffs to Throwback Thursday this week. Also bringing these yummy treats to Fiesta Friday where this week  Natalie @ Kitchen, Uncorked and Hilda @ Along The Grapevine are co-hosts.





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  1. Happy Holi! Thank you for posting tempting recipes made with Chick pea flour. My cardiologist recently told me “no more white stuff”. I have been experimenting on my own. Finding a source of time honored recipes should make things much easier. Also, what is jaggery?

    • Hi There! Yes the white stuff is no good! Jaggery is made from sugar cane and is less processed than sugar and hence good for you. You can substitute brown sugar or molasses for jaggery if you can’t find it. If you have an Indian grocer next to you, they will definitely have it!

    • thanks Aruna. Yes I did shortcut method but turned out to be a great idea! Btw hope you enjoyed Holi! And I did send you a msg on ur FB account. did u get it?

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