Calamari – 2 ways! : Spicy Sauteed and Chick Pea batter fried

DSC_0945Until a few years ago I thought that calamari was ‘fried squid’ – i.e I thought the name of the dish where squid was fried was calamari! So I am sure that some of you might still be under that confusion. So let’s clear your doubts.  Calamari, is just the Italian name for squid. And the dish that most of us seafood lovers love is ‘Fried calamari’ where calamari i.e. squid is deep fried in batter. OK now that we got that sorted out, I have two easy recipes for you.  One is a gluten free version of fried calamari where I used chick pea batter to fry them. And the other is a traditional Kerala recipe – a simple but spicy sauté in coconut oil with onion and red chillies. Choose your pick! As for me I will happily have a plateful of each!

I am bringing these appetizers to Throwback Thursdays as well as Fiesta Friday where Lily at the Littlesweetbaker  and Julianna from Foodie on Board are co-hosting this week. It is fun super bowl weekend after all!  



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  1. I would take both, too, but I especially love how nice that gluten free batter is! Who would have thought!! Thanks so much for linking it to us at Throwback Thursday; we’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll have for us next week and we’ll be pinning to our Throwback Thursday board, too!


  2. Mmm, they both look so good, Indu! I do love calamari, or squid, or whatever else we want to call it! I love that you have shown us how versatile it can be and that it doesn’t always have to be battered to taste good. Thanks! And happy FF to you!

  3. In Greece, squid is also called Calamari. Thanks for these recipes, we all love squid at home and make it often (you can buy frozen rings at the supermarket if you can’t get them fresh)

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