Semolina Almond Halwa (Vegan Sooji Halwa)

DSC_0515One always hear about folks talking about middle of the night cravings. But what about middle of the day cravings? And that too when you are in the middle of work? Well that does not usually happen to me but of late its been happening. I think its because of the different diet restrictions that I have been following. In general my philosophy has always been to cook fresh, use natural and exercise moderation. But being desperate to find a way to alleviate my RA symptoms, I have been trying different restrictions. I had been on a gluten free, dairy free diet and have also been excluding some inflammatory foods like tomatoes, eggplants etc. for the past 10 weeks. But a couple weeks back I decided to add gluten back since I was n’t seeing any benefits. Maybe I didn’t try it long enough. Anyways, my symptoms didn’t get worse after adding it back on so I am guessing i am probably not sensitive to gluten. Anyway long story short, I started getting a craving for sooji ka halwa in the middle of the day earlier this week. Yes a craving for sooji ka halwa exactly. (Good thing I didn’t text my husband as he would have panicked wondering if I was pregnant 🙂 ) My reasoning for this weird craving was that a few weeks ago at a party there was halwa that I could not eat due to my above mentioned restrictions.

So now I was determined to rectify that. I dashed to the kitchen (so thankful to be working from home – it has its benefits for sure! ). Got the almond milk out first and then the rest of the ingredients that I would need. Within 15 minutes halwa – or to be more precise, a ‘dairy free version’ of halwa was ready. I am not kidding. This is what craving can do to you! I added ground almonds and almond milk to get the richness that typically comes from ghee and milk.

Yummy Halwa. Craving abated. Nirvana.


Vegan Sooji Halwa


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  1. Wow so classy and mouth watering halwa recipe i loved it and please keep posting such tempting halwa recipe because i am Learner of making new and different halwa.

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