Around the World #2: Vegetable Quesadillas with a fiery red chili tomatillo salsa

DSC_0611Salsa Roja

Yes its all about the sauce! This red chill tomatillo salsa called as Salsa Roja is the bomb! Hot and fiery with a slightly sour tinge from the tomatillos. This was a perfect complement to the vegetable quesadillas I made. Nothing too complicated about the quesadillas – they are my ‘go to’ recipe when I need to feed my ‘famished’ kids fast! And the best thing about these quesadillas is that I can use a ton of different vegetables and they still will be gobbled up pretty fast – thanks to the gooey cheese mixed with them! This salsa roja will be a little too hot for your kids and you can make it milder. But for us adults this combination of the vegetable quesadillas with this fiery sauce just made it a perfectly balanced and filling dish elevating it to a whole new level. Yeah and add a dollop of fresh sour cream and you need nothing else! Yum yum good!

I have tried different vegetable combinations for making quesadillas and it tastes best when you have a combination of hard, crunchy and soft veggies. As for the salsa, I had seen several recipes for it online and I just made this version by throwing the different ingredients together in a proportion that would make it feisty and fiery hot!DSC_0609

Salsa Roja







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