Savory Tomato and Rice Crepes (Instant Tomato Dosa)

Instant Tomato DosaBreakfast on a Saturday morning …hmm what would I like? Note I asked what would I like not what the ‘kids’ would like. As for them, they just want the usual pancakes and french toast. Going back to my question…let’s see – my husband’s special tomato upma! Which he does so sweetly make on most saturdays and waking up to the aroma of him cooking upma is definitely a perfect start to my weekend 🙂  But every once in a while I also try to make his favorite which are crispy dosas.  The traditional dosa recipe needs some advance planning and I do make that regularly too but that is usually for lunch or dinner since I serve them with all the desired accompaniments – sambhaar and chutney and potato masala for masala dosa.  So for breakfast it has to be instant dosas! I usually make instant semolina dosas but a while ago, Malar from malar’s kitchen had posted ‘Tomato dosa‘ which I instantly pinned and wanted to give that a try.  Well I did try them last weekend with some modifications – Malar had used raw rice and ground them whereas my instant ‘instant’ version uses rice flour and a little bit of semolina.  Oh boy, these dosas were so tasty! The hubby and the kids wouldn’t stop eating them.! Believe me, I started getting a little bit frustrated and worried that there wouldn’t be any left for my pics! The dosas were going so fast.! However I did manage to take the pics towards the end 🙂

I am also bringing these crepes to Fiesta Friday this week

DSC_0033These dosas don’t turn out as crispy as your traditional dosa (with rice and urad dal) – these are more like crepes but they are awesome delicious! Perfect breakfast! thank you Malar! 🙂

This dosa by itself is so tasty – the tomato gives it a nice tang and flavor that no chutney is needed but you can certainly serve it with fresh coconut chutney!

IMG_0055 IMG_0056 IMG_0058



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  1. Indu,
    This is what I am making this weekend! They look so yummy. Love the lacy rava dosa texture on them.

  2. Oooh I love the idea of rice crepes as I am on a low FODMAP diet, so I think this would work amazingly I need to check semolina, but can’t see how it could be ap roblem for me, they look amazing xx

    • ha ha yes isn’t it? I am so used to using rice flour for making even the regular dosas since in my earlier days in the US I didn’t have a good food processor. And they turn out great so even now I continue doing the same. So thought I will try your recipe like that too! Thanks a ton for the recipe. My family loved it. Now it will be a staple in our house!

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