Vegetable and Chick Pea Pulao (Middle Eastern style)

Vegetable Pulao/biryani is a very common rice dish in India and this is something that you are sure to find on the menu of any self-respecting Indian restaurant 🙂 Over the years I have tried and made different versions of it … Continue reading

Homemade Healthy Breakfast bar (Oat and nut bar )

I am sure you all have heard it over and over, again and again – about how breakfast is the most important meal of your day.! So I am not going to belabor over that. You can read webMD if you really want to … Continue reading

Sesame and cashew nut brittle || Til Chikki with honey || Til Ladoo with honey

Today, January 14th  is Sankrant or Makara Sankranti , which is one of the most auspicious festivals for Hindus, and is celebrated in almost all parts of India and also in Nepal and SriLanka with great fervour and festivities.  Sankrant is a harvest festival and it also … Continue reading