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Kerala Beef Curry(Varatharacha Beef Curry)
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Beef in toasted coconut curry || Kerala Varatharacha Beef Curry (Paleo, AIP Adaptable)

Beef and Potatoes anyone? And what if the beef is cooked in a sauce/curry made from toasted coconut and curry spices like fennel and coriander? Hmm…can you imagine the aromas! This traditional Keralan(Kerala is a coastal state in southern India) Beef Curry is usually slow cooked with either yams or taro root (yes, no potatoes:)) […]

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Spicy Baked Fish in banana leaves (Meen Pollichathu)

Fish roasted in banana leaves is a specialty of Kerala cuisine and if you have ever taken a houseboat tour in the backwaters of Kerala you would have most certainly been offered this culinary treat! Traditionally, ‘Kari meenu’ or pearl spot fish is used for this where an entire fish is marinated in spices, coated […]