Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis

Mom, can we make cherry Clafoutis? This was a question my 8 yr old asked me all summer last year but unfortunately this busy mom never got around to doing that with her. So so bad of me! She had saved a copy of the recipe that she had found in a ‘kid friendly recipe book’ and so wanted to make that with me! Finally last weekend looking at the gorgeous cherries we got from our local farm, I decided it was high time I listen to my daughter and get around to making the clafoutis with her! So off we went about it. She had the recipe saved on her iPod! So we went about coolly following the easy recipe. The only hardest part was of course the pitting of the cherries! And for that we summoned dad and big brother to help us out! What an event – the entire family pitting cherries on the kitchen table 🙂 Clafoutis is a french dessert and I read that sometimes the clafoutis are baked with pits of the cherries. The pits contain amygdalin, the active chemical in almond extract, so during baking a small amount of amygdalin from the pits is released into the clafoutis, adding a complementary note to its flavor! 1 I wonder if they still pit the cherries first and then add some pits or just bake with the pitted cherries? The latter method sounds like fraught with great risks – spitting cherries out while eating the dessert (and subsequent ostracism from civilized society?) and not to mention choking hazards! LOL! Anyways, I had never baked a clafoutis before so was not sure how it would turn out. But it sure puffed up well and was perfect to have while warm topped with some ice cream! YUM YUM GOOD!  In case you have never had a clafoutis before, it is puffy and crisp on the edges but soft and pancake like in the middle. The batter is really runny and you just pour it over the cherries. Rest assured that it will set! And btw this is indeed a great recipe to bake with your kids! Thank you to my sweetie pie for bringing home the recipe and for her persistence! She goes after her mama after all! 🙂 DSC_0629 DSC_0569 DSC_0575 DSC_0610 DSC_0622

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  1. Your daughter has such an adventurous and good taste in desserts–this is a perfect time to eat fresh cherries! I had no idea what a clafoutis was for the longest time, let alone at that age 🙂
    It does sounds very good with the pits, but also a bit difficult to eat!

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