Celebrating Pi (π) day: Chocolate Fudge Pie and Fudge Brownie Pie

DSC_0018Pie_collageHa Ha. The title easily gives away how serious I am about celebrating ‘Pi’ day! Well,.. ahem, I was never too crazy about mathematics. I mean I was good at it until 10th grade or so when it started becoming too complicated with theories (or was it theorems) that I slowly started losing interest!  Hyperbola, parabola, ellipsis etc etc..yuck…was the kind of stuff that put me to sleep. Why then you will ask so much importance for ‘Pi’ day? Well my 14 year old can recite the value of Pi for up to 30 decimal points (yeah he likes to brag about it of course!) So he was talking about it yesterday at the dinner table – Tomorrow is Pi day mom!  It is 3/14/15 and you know what Mrs V (his math teacher who is expecting a baby any day now) was hoping that she delivers her baby on Pi day at 9.26 AM or PM!  We all had a hearty laugh and hoped that his teacher’s dream came true! Then the conversation shifted to what should I be making for dessert today at a potluck party at our friend’s place. Knowing my love for making desserts no one else had picked the dessert slot. So as I was asking my family for suggestions, my son suddenly goes – “Mom, its Pi day” with a twinkle in his eye!  I stared blankly at him for a few seconds until it registered – Yay! I don’t need to think too hard! Pies on Pi day now that’s a ‘no brainer’! And off I went looking for different pie recipes. But my kids helped me to further narrow it down – it has to be chocolate, Mom!

DSC_0027OK so I ended up making two different chocolate pies.  Further narrowing recipes was not hard since I had to work off what I had in my pantry since I had no desire to rush to the store on a  saturday morning. In the end both the pies ended up being a mishmash of different pie recipes that I browsed! But they both turned out fabulous – so gooey and decadent.  As they say you can never go wrong with chocolate 🙂  Happy Pie day folks! I am bringing these delicious pies to Fiesta Friday at Angie’s – Hey we need to celebrate, right? 🙂







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  1. Thank you Indu for making the delicious chocolate fudge and chocolate chips pie for us…it was so yummy. I will definitely make one very soon.

  2. I also thank you very much for bringing TWO whole chocolate pies to FF!!! Brilliant! They look delicious! Happy pi day to you too! 🙂

  3. Just when I thought I had satisfied my chocolate cravings, here you are with TWO tempting pies! Ugh… looks like more chocolate is in my future. 😉 Both look absolutely delicious, Indu. Thanks for sharing!

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