Sugary Spiced Roasted Almonds

DSC_0502Nuts – whether they are almonds, cashews, pistachios or peanuts -you will always find these in my pantry. The ‘Mr’ loves to snack on these. So I am constantly replenishing the jars and they can never be empty because he will throw a fit. Over the years I have also acquired this habit of snacking on nuts and it has helped me tremendously to control my mid-afternoon ‘sweet’cravings.  OK so we like nuts ‘as is’  …so why the need to add sugar and spice you may ask? Well since it’s the holiday season I felt like dressing them up a little. After all these poor nuts ..they need to feel special too! 🙂  But seriously, roasting the almonds enhances the nutty flavor and the spices and sugar make it so tasty that you cannot stop munching! This recipe is terrific not only as a snack anytime but is especially great at parties when you have a crowd. And these make great holiday gift items too.

Cayenne/Chilli powder and cinnamon for spice and brown sugar and honey for the sweetness. Place these nuts in an airtight container and these will be good for at least two weeks but don’t worry they will never last that long! 🙂



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