Nepalese Style Grilled Chicken

DSC_0800 I am often asked how I manage to cook a variety of dishes considering my hectic schedule at work and at home. Well the truth is that trying different recipes is what gets the boredom out of cooking for me and it no longer feels like ‘yet another thing to do’!  This past week one evening I came home from work very tired. I made myself a cup of steaming coffee and then sat down browsing the newspaper. Everything else could wait while I enjoyed these few moments of pure indulgence with caffeine! Alas it was short lived since a few minutes later I started wondering what i should be making for dinner.  Hmm let’s see … Chicken seemed like a good option since cooking chicken would also take care of lunches the next day as I could easily make chicken wraps with the left over chicken pieces. So chicken it was going to be! I took out the chicken from the freezer and left it in the kitchen sink to thaw. I then drifted over to my recipe book shelf and started browsing ‘Mangoes and Curry leaves’, one of my favorite cookbooks to look for any unusual chicken recipes.  ‘Nepali grilled chicken’ with its tomato marinade piqued my interest and seemed like an easy recipe too. I had never ever tried chicken marinated in tomato juice but I could almost taste the tangy marinade with the tomato and lime.  The original recipe did not have any heat in it but the ‘Indian’ in me had to add red chili and black pepper to it! But you can skip them if you so desire -I am sure it will taste great even without the heat! I grilled them in the oven and the chicken came out perfect – a little crispy on the outside and  soft and tender inside. Not very much unlike tandoori chicken – a reddish color without the addition of any synthetic color!  How wonderful! I decided to also make a quick sweet and sour dip with the left over marinade which was good but we just loved eating the chicken with rice and dal. 🙂 I am bringing this yummy chicken dish to Fiesta Friday #45 this week! Let’s party and check out what others brought! 🙂 DSC_0802

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  1. I am always looking for new ways to cook chicken, so thank you, Indu! I love that you made it spicy. I’m with you on trying new recipes. That way cooking is never boring to me.

  2. Yet another winner by Indu! I made the marinade the night before (my way of managing to cook healthy meals while working) and it is fabulous! Keep the great recipes coming! ; )

  3. This looks so yummy Indu, I love the colour you managed to get without any food colourings, makes it look even more tempting.
    I like your approach to cooking too, trying out new and exciting things so it doesn’t become just another chore is definitely a good way to do it!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Fiesta Friday, I know it’ll go down well! x

    • thanks so much Michele for your comments! Yes we all loved it and it was so easy to make too! And yes isn’t trying new things the best way to make cooking as a pleasure vs a chore? I am glad you agree with me! Many folks think that trying different things would be more stressful but my advice to them would be that they should take baby steps and try! thanks for hosting FF this week! Have a great week:)

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