Green Beans with coconut (Beans thoran)

Green beans thoranIt never ceases to surprise me that the simplest of recipes sometimes are the most loved and relished! And I am often asked for the exact recipe. Many of my friends love this simple vegetable side dish of green beans with coconut.As in most Kerala dishes, coconut oil and coconut are the key ingredients in this dish. Then other important things you need to keep in mind are – how to cook the green beans to perfection (cooked but still crunchy and not overcooked) AND how to cut the green beans (yes it makes a difference!). The green beans need to be cut to very thin pieces-about 1/4 inch or less (Of course I am lazy and most of the times do not have the patience to cut them this fine! 🙂 ) .

So here I bring you this simple recipe which goes very well with rice and any curry like sambhar or morukootan. The final tadka (tempering) with coconut oil fills your whole house with this delicious aroma that is so appetizing and makes everyone hungry for a meal.!  This thoran along with other dishes is part of the traditional Onam sadya(feast) which by the way is just around the corner!

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  1. Yum, Indu! I just love green beans and coconut, so this recipe is right up my alley. I just made a great green bean and coconut salad, Vietnamese style. I will post it soon. I have bookmarked yours to try! 🙂

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