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Chicken Curry for the Soul

What makes a good curry? Well …let’s see… a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a lot of tender loving a.k.a slow simmering, an unique combination of spices that is the right marriage of flavors and a final product that is both attractive to the eyes as well as intoxicating to the palate… don’t […]

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Hot and Spicy Chicken noodle soup

Hot and Spicy Chicken noodle soup Not many people I am sure associate ‘hot and spicy’ with chicken noodle soup.  Chicken noodle soup is really one comfort food that is perfect on a cold, frigid night. Last week when I decided to make this for dinner, I thought ‘Why not kick this up a notch’? […]

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Tomato and Lentil soup (Rasam)

Rasam is a lentil and tomato soup that is a typical South Indian dish that is eaten with rice, usually as the final accompaniment to rice in a sadya, which is a traditional south indian feast.  It is hot and tangy – other than tomatoes and lentils it has garlic, cumin, black pepper and lots […]

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Spicy Shrimp and Potatoes

Shrimp and Potatoes  masala As a  little girl I loved potatoes  (and I still do!) so this was  a recipe  my mom  had created  so as to cater to everyone’s tastes in the family  – ‘potatoes’ for me , ‘shrimp’ that my sisters would die for and  ‘hot and spicy’ for my dad. This dish […]