Shrimp and Zucchini rice (Pulao-Paella fusion)

Shrimp and Zucchini riceFusion or confusion? ha ha Not sure. But it was a weeknight. Kids were hungry and I wanted to make them something quick. I got the shrimp out to defrost and soaked basmati rice having planned to make my favorite go-to ‘easy shrimp pulao‘.  But as I started chopping the onions, I realized I had run out of fresh tomatoes.  But I did have pasta sauce 🙂 Since the pasta sauce I had already had italian seasonings in it, the usual Indian spices – garam masala wouldn’t go well with it. Hence I decided to make a ‘paella’ inspired pulao which had Basmati rice which is what is used traditionally in the Indian pulao. And then for spices I  added some turmeric and cayenne (for the indian) and oregano, rosemary for the mediterranean 🙂 And saffron. Interestingly, both pulao and paella use saffron! I also had some great zucchini from our local farm and so I decided to add that too.

Shrimp and Zucchini Paella-PulaoI had been meaning to make Paella one of these days – after all the pan I had bought a couple years ago, when my friend Angela taught me how to make Paella, was lying idle. Anyways, I was happy that the pan provided inspiration for this dish! Easy, flavorful, happy dinner.!  Paella or Pulao, it was just Perfect 🙂

Bringing this easy and tasty fusion dish to Fiesta Friday this week where your co-hosts this week are Julianna @ Foodie on Board and Zeba @ Food For The Soul

Shrimp Pulao Paella style






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