Shrimp sautéed with coconut (Prawns and coconut stir fry)

DSC_0101Prawns or shrimp are one of the most common and popular seafood item in my kitchen. You will agree with this I am sure since I have probably posted about a dozen shrimp recipes too here on my blog already. Shrimp is so easy to work with and so versatile. You cannot go wrong with it. Just make sure to not overcook it! I make shrimp pulao with it for an easy weeknight dinner or I just pan fry them and we have it with dal and rice. One other way that my mom used to use shrimp was to add a couple of them to even vegetable side dishes to make them extra flavorful! Yes its true that shrimp can elevate an otherwise ‘so-so’ dish to something exciting and adds this extra burst of flavor.

DSC_0106My dad had another simple shrimp recipe up his sleeve that he made on special occasions like when his friends came over for dinner or when he had lunch parties at his workplace. This was indeed a simple recipe – shrimp sautéed with grated coconut along with a tempering of some of the standard spices used in Kerala cuisine – mustard seeds, cumin, turmeric  and red chillies! And of course the fresh curry leaves! I don’t know why I had never made this in my kitchen yet. Sometimes you get so caught up in cooking exotic and fancy dishes that you tend to forget the simple and the best ones! Last week out of the blue this dish sprang to mind and I made it for our dinner, which included Sambhaar and rice. My son loved this dish so much and when I narrated how his grandpa used to make this when I was a kid, he asked me what had prevented me from making this until now! I promised him that I will make up for this loss in my memory by making it more often in the future! 🙂

We like to eat this with rice but this will be a great appetizer dish too that is sure to go by pretty fast! Bringing this shrimp recipe to Angie’s for the weekly Fiesta!



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  1. It sounds super delicious! And your son sounds so precious! Okay now I have to look up what sambhar is. For some reason I can’t remember. Too much Halloween candy, I think, haha…

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