Date and Walnut Squares

Being in the dead of summer and having kids around the house for more hours than usual only means you need more snacks to assuage those ‘ Mom, what can I eat? I am bored ‘ calls!

I was looking for date recipes since I was having a large pack of dates lying around in the pantry. I found this recipe in the ‘Good Housekeeping – Step by Step Cookbook’ which is a treasure house of varied and interesting recipes from different parts of the world. So this recipe was perfect – quick and easy with some healthy ingredients! OK so I have this week covered! 🙂 Plus Hubby dear being such a lover of all dried fruits and nuts, I was sure that this recipe would be a hit with everyone.

DSC_0603The recipe called them ‘squares’. Reading the recipe I thought they would resemble bars or cookies. Either way couldn’t wait to try the recipe. It is a really easy recipe and you don’t need to get your electric mixer out either. Just a slight whisk and a large pot will do it. Dump everything into the pan and slide into the oven. Go for a walk and when you come back, help yourself to a square (which actually turned out to be somewhere between a cake and a cookie) with some steaming coffee or tea!. 🙂

I am bringing these wholesome and delicious squares to Fiesta Friday this week.



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