Chocolate Pudding Cake

Chocolate Pudding CakeOeey Gooey So Chocolatey! Dreamy, Ethereal… The best chocolate cake ever! – Now even that description does not do justice to this cake. This cake is beyond ordinary words! Just one bite of it and you are in heaven!.

Last weekend was fabulous. Mainly because it was the long weekend…Memorial Day weekend. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to travel anywhere. We were looking forward to just staying home and doing clean up…yeah we were a little behind on our spring cleaning:) Anyways, the house was a mess and so all of Saturday net in cleaning up – toys to be discarded or donated, magazines, newspapers (n tons! ) to be recycled; etc etc. The way I was going at it made my kids give me a new nickname – ‘The Trash Ninja’ 🙂 At one point I had put my son’s wallet with all of his well-earned $100 in the trash pile. My daughter’s attentiveness and keen interest in my actions resulted in a rescue of the $100 as well as the wallet and earned me my honorary title of ‘Trash Ninja’ 🙂 Oh well, I don’t mind it. Really. I am actually rather proud of it! Letting go of things is not an easy task you see. 🙂 I digress. Sorry, my apologies. Now you may be wondering how I ended up baking this cake in the midst of my cleaning spree? Well, I had to go for a potluck dinner on Sunday evening where I had been signed up to bring dessert. So as I was looking through my favorite magazine collection – a huge pile of ‘Better Homes and Garden’ issues, I spotted a Chocolate Pudding cake from an old issue. I started drooling looking at the picture and so my decision was made – that was what I was making for dessert!

DSC_0626As I was reading through the recipe I realized that I had pinned a similar cake recently and so I looked at that online – It was called a Chocolate Poke cake. I had never heard of that term before but it sure looked good! That recipe from Spend with Pennies was really something that I needed to try – a cake recipe with a really runny batter, a chocolate pudding that needed to be poured on top of the warm cake and finally completed with a ganache like frosting!  Can a girl possibly ask for anything more? The cake turned out incredibly well and beat my own expectations! I modified it slightly by reducing sugar, using vinegar instead of lemon juice, using olive oil and adding Nutella for additional flavor! Believe me this pudding cake is to die for … it is the BOMB! 🙂 And believe me its not that hard to make it either.!

I will be bringing this yummy, gooey ‘poke’ cake to Fiesta Friday this week where the partying never ends!



Mixing the Cake batter



Baking the cake – see really thin batter! Don’t panic – it will come out great!



Cake out of the oven – See I told ya! 🙂




Making the chocolate Pudding




Pouring the pudding over the cake




Making the ganache




Pouring the ganache over the cake


















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  1. This looks heavenly, Indu! All that chocolate is breathtaking. I just discovered poke cakes. They are so nice and moist. I made a banana one recently, but I much prefer your chocolate poke cake!

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