Around the World #2: Mexican Wedding Cookies (Pecan cookies)

DSC_0055The name ‘Mexican Wedding cookies’ sounds quite romantic and alluring right? These cookies are actually indeed quite cute and seductive looking – small cookie balls rolled in powdered sugar. And when you bite into them you get the flaky cookie with a delicious buttery pecan flavor. You could use walnuts too instead of pecans. And the best part is – yes making them is a breeze! 🙂 I saw several recipes for these on the internet – all of them were very similar in the ingredients but the proportions varied a bit and so I was not sure which recipe to try. I finally chose a recipe and stuck to it (I was tempted to combine more than one recipe as I usually do with most recipes) but I am a little less adventurous when it comes to baking and especially when it comes to baking cookies. But pleased to report that the recipe I tried was foolproof and the cookies came out absolutely delicious and perfect. When I did a little bit of research on these cookies which are also called as ‘Polvorones’, I found that this type of cookie is common to Spain and Mexico and didn’t originate in Mexico.  The cookie is based on an old recipe, and is used in both Spain and Mexico for celebrations, since it’s rich in butter and nuts.  In Mexico, it’s traditionally used at weddings and christenings which is probably how it got its American name. Although these are traditionally served as favors at weddings, believe me, you should not wait for a wedding or a special occasion to make these…they are perfect for any occasion 🙂 DSC_0053

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  1. These are gorgeous! I only wish I had made this version too. I just made polvorones on my blog. I did a gluten free, chocolate version, but these look pure! I love them. I’ve been traveling for weeks at a time to Mexico on and off this year and had these there. They’re so good. Yours came out perfectly! Well done!

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