Super Green Smoothie


IMG_0497We had recently stayed at a resort where a lot of different smoothies were served for breakfast. One of my favorites was a green smoothie – I was unable to get the exact recipe of it (blame it on my minimal knowledge of spanish! ) However I tried to re-create the same taste by coming up with this version.  I added fresh lime juice and ginger for giving it that extra zing and for that vibrant and refreshing taste.

Healthy and refreshing! You will want to have this everyday!  And what a good idea that would be.! Let’s check out some quick facts on Spinach and Kale…

Spinach and Kale …. both rich in iron, vitamin A,C,K as well as antioxidants. Fresh 100 g of spinach contains about 25% of daily intake of iron and thereby is one of the richest among green leafy vegetables.

Even my kids loved it and said ‘Mom, this actually tastes really really good for a healthy drink’! Need I say more? 🙂

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