Jalebis! When I think of Jalebis, I instantly think of this nostalgic ad from Doordarshan days (note I did not state ‘good old doordarshan days’ LOL for good reasons! ) where a little boy who wants to run away from home due to a tiff is easily lured back home with the promise of ‘home-made’ hot jalebis! 🙂

What a cute ad and wow the thought of those hot jalebis can instantly make your mouth water! But how do you make these? Funny until recently the thought of making jalebis never crossed my mind! One of my friends sometime ago had told me that she makes jalebis using a ‘squeeze bottle’ – the kind you get in Wal-mart or dollar stores in the US. So that had stuck in my mind. Last week when I went to Wal-mart , it so happened that right at the entrance I noticed these squeeze bottles -pack of 3 for $4.95! So I picked those instantly thinking not about storing any sauce or marinade of course but purely thinking of ‘jalebis’!  🙂 Btw, you can also buy these bottles at amazon.

And that is how I ended up making jalebis!  For the recipe, I looked up several recipes and youtube videos and finally made my own version as a mixed up version of several recipes based on ingredients that I had on hand. I also decided to make the traditional version where you need to ferment the batter for 24 hours or overnight instead of the instant version which uses yeast for fermentation. So how did the jalebis turn out? hmmm…yum yum…just so yummy and so scrumptious! I brought these to a get together at a friend’s place and we devoured these washing them down with hot steaming cups of tea!

The fried jalebis need to be dipped and soaked in sugar syrup. And this is the step where you can control the sugar – I just lightly dipped them in the sugar syrup (not allowing them to soak completely) So the jalebis were really crunchy and sweet and yet not filled with sugar syrup as the ones that you buy from the store/sweet shop. So here’s the recipe. Enjoy! Hey, no fun in life if you don’t indulge once in a while, right? What’s the point of living till 90 if you can’t eat one jalebi 🙂

I am bringing these jalebis to Fiesta Friday too!







IMG_0041 IMG_0042




IMG_0053 IMG_0057 IMG_0058



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  1. Jalebi is one of my favorite Indian sweets! And gulab jamoon and ras ghula and barfi and… Well you get the point! ??? My mom is Indian and she loves to make sweets for Divali 🙂

  2. hahah! you brought back old memories, Indu. Distinctly remember the ad! 🙂 You made some mouthwatering jalebis here. If only I could pick one up right now!

  3. I really love these. There’s nothing quite like them when they’re warm to hot just after soaking. So many things to make, so little time!

    Thanks for the great instructions.

  4. Yumm, Love jalebies, I’ll take a dozen please. I too never thought of making these, but thanks to you and your research, you’ve come up with a great recipe.

    • I’ve now linked to this in a post with my favourite desserts from the week. I hope you like how I’ve done it. Please let me know if you want something changed. I figured it would be the only way to make myself ever try them for myself.

  5. Your Jalebis look perfect and absolutely amazing with the pistachio on the top, Indu 🙂 We call them Zalabiya, very popular during Ramadan month 🙂 Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  6. What an interesting treat, Indu! I’ve never had the pleasure of having jalebis before. Clearly I’m missing out on some fried goodness. Great technique with the squeeze bottle, too!

  7. I need a squeeze bottle right now! I love deep fried treats, so thank you for bringing these to the party! My kitchen does not, however, love deep fry (clean up). I like that you varied the sugar syrup and it’s nice to know that you don’t have to totally drown them in syrup for them to be delicious!

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