Rose Infused Iced Tea (Refined sugar free)

 There is no escaping the heat for me.  I just came back from India where the temps were hovering in the 90 s even though it had also been pouring cats and dogs most days. And then I get back to the US and it hits 90 three days in a row. And then our AC conks off! And I can’t find anyone to fix it! Gosh!

Finally a lot of calls and two days later I managed to find someone who was available. But in those two days that we were without the AC, the afternoons were the worst. And one of those afternoons I also began to get a headache – combination of the heat and the jet lag.  My head was asking for a strong black tea while my body was totally resisting anything hot!  And thus this refreshing iced tea came to life 🙂

The first day I just made plain iced tea and then I realized that I had these beautiful fragrant organic dried rose petals that I had asked my friend to bring for me from her visit to the Middle East. She was kind enough to do that and as I saw the packet inside the refrigerator, I thought of making rose flavor infused tea for the next day. The rose petals were so incredibly fragrant and were light pink in color.

The tea turned out to be super refreshing and hence it’s a perfect drink for hot, sultry afternoons ! I used Orange Pekoe tea to make this. However you can use any kind of black tea that you like. Earl Grey is another one that I love.  Remember not to steep the tea for too long as it can get too strong and bitter.  I use maple syrup as a sweetener but you could also use honey or stevia.

Btw did you know that rose has a lot of therapeutic benefits? Yes, indeed rose has a lot of medicinal qualities including providing a cooling effect. Hence it is great during summers and for relieving rashes, itchiness, sunburns etc. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and hence they are very useful for any inflammatory condition including ulcers and arthritis1. Rose petals provide a good supportive tonic for the heart (is that why they are considered as a symbol of romance? ) It also has anti-anxiety or calming properties2 and hence this tea is perfect for hot summer afternoons when the AC has stopped working  🙂

Ready to make it? Here’s the recipe! Check out my quick video tutorial too!

Rose flavored Iced Tea (Refined sugar free)
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 3-4
A delicious and refreshing iced tea for hot summer afternoons!
  1. In a glass or metal mixing bowl, add the tea (or tea bags), the rose petals and the maple syrup or honey.
  2. Then pour the hot water to this. Let steep for about 2 mins. (If you steep it longer, the tea will be darker and stronger/bitter)
  3. Now strain this mixture using a strainer or cheese cloth. Let the tea cool for a few minutes. You can keep this in the refrigerator for a few hours too if you like. Before serving, add 2 cups of ice or cold water
  4. Pour into serving glasses/cups with additional ice cubes. Garnish with extra rose petals.

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