Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

dsc_0890The three months of summer just breezed by! I had been on a sabbatical from work yet I don’t know how the months flew by! I spent 5 weeks in India so that explains partly why I felt the time go by so fast.  I spent half the time in kerala undergoing Ayurvedic treatment for my RA and the rest of the time in Mumbai pampered by my family.  Gosh, I really needed that! And now I am back to face reality and work 🙁

Anyways, last week of August was wonderful since it was both my birthday and my daughter’s. I always try to make a special cake for my kids’ birthdays and so was wondering what cake to bake this year. Plus this one was special – my baby girl was turning 10! Before leaving for India I had promised the kids that I would make home made ice cream for them but somehow never got around to it. Hence now an idea came to mind. How about an ice cream cake? And after that,  it was easy to decide the flavors – what better than chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream? After all my daughter loves both – she eats strawberries all year round! And she can never have enough of chocolate! My son helped to make this surprise wonderful cake for her!

Chocolate strawberry ice cream cakeI didn’t waste any time looking for recipes – I decided to bake the chocolate cake using my vegan chocolate cake recipe. And then I made the ice cream base using whipping cream and real strawberries!  The Birthday girl was floored and so were the rest of the neighborhood kiddo gang whom we invited for an impromptu pizza and cake celebration.  Yummy Yum!

Chocolate Strawberry ice cream cake


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  1. Namaskaram indu. First of all Happy Birthday (a bit late) to you and your daughter. ??
    And you came to us in Kerala for treatment, hope you are well now or at least much better.
    And of courseI like your recipe and those beautiful photos.

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