Happy Holidays and Strawberry Santas

Although winter is my least best season, I really love December.  There is so much to do! Holiday shopping starts early with not only shopping for gifts but also clothes and kitchen items since everything seems to be on sale! Even if I don’t end up buying anything for myself or the home ultimately, I still need to browse all the catalogs diligently, do my window shopping surveying everything out there. Unless I do that I cannot relax – I feel like I may have missed a good deal! LOL! The husband always retorts ‘Did you really need that?’ when I come home with something claimng that I got it at half price! Anyways men will never understand how shopping can be so therapeutic for us women!

The other thing about december that I like is all the festive recipes that I see around me – I mean to try each one of them really – except I would need more than 24 hours in a day.! Ugh! And then finally the party invitations start pouring in making it even harder for me to try all my wish list recipes!  Anyways this weekend I was determined to make these cute Strawberry Santas that my friend Lisa had recently posted on her FB page.  They looked so cute and adorable that I had to absolutely make them!

I am bringing these cute santas to a party in my neighborhood plus this week I am also co-hosting Fiesta Friday at Angie from ‘The Novice Gardener’ with Jhuls from ‘the notsocreativecook’. I am so excited to be hosting with Jhuls since she is a bubbly, cheerful and simply awesome young woman and is so full of energy! Just reading her posts can make your day plus she posts some really neat recipes!.

My friend Lisa made her santas with mascarpone cheese but I used cream cheese since I did not have mascarpone at home and wanted to avoid a trip to the store.It came out great with cream cheese too.

Happy Holidays! Much love to all!






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  1. Ah, these are so cute! Winter is my favorite season, but December is especially special. I must admit that I finished my Christmas shopping in November this year, but this weekend our local bookstore was having a sale, so I stocked up for my own bookshelf. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

    • thanks Linda. yes these were yummy too but everyone just loved how cute they looked! And you are welcome -I am enjoying being co-host although I am a lil behind on meeting with people since I am having to go to real parties too 🙂 Hard to keep up with everything!

  2. Men would never really understand, Indu. 😀 Even if I don’t this half the price stuff, I’d take it I like it, pretending that maybe someday I could put it to use. 😛 These santas look awesome, Indu. They are so cute. <3 I am happy to be co-hosting with you. Have fun! Happy FF. 🙂

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