Chocolate Nutella Butterscotch Cake

IMG_1594You are thinking  ….what in the world is that, right? 🙂  OK so my princess (of course you can no longer say that to her!) turned 8 and I wanted to bake a special cake.  Of course it had to be chocolate but then I thought what could I do to make it ‘extra special’ for her? What is that one thing in the world that she would do anything for? Candies!  Of course!  My older one did not like candies until he was about 8 or so.  But this one..hmm totally different story! She and candies – inseparables! Once when she was two, I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house and then finally I found her inside the pantry perched on the top shelf trying to get to the halloween stash that I had hidden from her.!  You could use the ‘candy bait’ to make her ‘finish her dinner’ especially when it included ‘healthy,yucky’ stuff…’to finish her chores’…’to stop annoying her brother’ …’to wake up early’ …and so and so forth..the list is endless!.  Yes, you are right – we have been bribing her with candies ..we are the ones to be blamed for totally spoiling her! Yes I raise my hands – I am partially, if not totally, responsible for this kid turning out this ‘candy crazy’!

OK so why not spoil her a litttle more I thought by adding some of her favorite candy flavors into the cake! Hence the Chocolate Nutella butterscotch came to life.  So I decided to add ‘nutella’, which she totally adores (and could probably eat the whole jar in one sitting!) and also loves ‘ferrero rocher’ chocolate, ‘butterscotch, another of her favorite flavors (used the chips which are meant for baking as opposed to the hard candy)  into the cake batter to elevate the simple chocolate cake and give it a ‘candy’ makeover.  I also added the same butterscotch flavor to the icing and ended up decorating the cake with M&Ms, an eternal favorite of hers!.  Oh almost forgot for the ‘8’, I decided to save some of the cake batter and poured it into a couple mini donut moulds!

DSC_0742Flour, Cocoa powder,eggs and butter – $4 … Nutella and Butterscotch and M&M candies – $2…..The look of pure delight and ecstasy ….PRICELESS! 🙂  BTW, have to admit this cake indeed turned out be quite delicious – the hazelnut and butterscotch flavor combination with chocolate made it really a ‘finger licking’ decadent cake!

I am bringing this cake to Angie’s weekly party, Fiesta Friday where everyday is a fiesta! 🙂




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  1. Beautiful Cake for the beautiful Princess Indu 🙂 A mommy’s princess will always remain a princess until she gets married. Then she will be the queen <3 🙂

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