My first cookbook launch: AIP INDIAN FUSION

Yes! Dreams do come true!  It has been my dream for so long to write a cookbook. And finally last week I launched my first cookbook!

think I first started thinking about it seriously after my mom passed away in 2007.  I was miserable upon losing her and I was trying to channel my thoughts into something positive. The idea of writing a cookbook based on the recipes I learned from her gave me some comfort. Unfortunately, I was super busy in those days – a full time job, two young kids (my daughter was an infant!) and a husband who had to travel 4 days a week!  A cookbook could not be squeezed into that busy schedule. So I let it pass and a few years later, my husband encouraged me to take up food blogging.  When I started blogging in 2013, it was mainly to document traditional Indian recipes that I had learnt from my mom. But over time I started blogging about other international recipes too which I was creating in my kitchen.

Then in 2015, all of this came to a halt suddenly when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. In the midst of all my pain and suffering, blogging took a backseat. But in 2017, I was introduced to the Autoimmune protocol also called as AIP by my naturopath.  As I embarked on AIP with a new found faith and positivity, I decided to resume blogging again as I used to enjoy that tremendously before I got sick. AIP helped me a lot and as I started to get better, making AIP compliant recipes became very important. AIP helped to reduce the pain and inflammation significantly and so staying on it was super important to me! That’s how my blog evolved yet again!

As I started to create more and more AIP versions of traditional Indian recipes that were my comfort food, I began to feel that AIP could be enjoyable! And that is exactly what I wanted to share with my new cookbook, AIP Indian Fusion. This cookbook has a collection of recipes that are inspired by Indian cuisine and are AIP elimination phase compliant!

  • Includes 114 allergen friendly recipes with no grains, legumes, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, nightshades or soy. 
  • Includes flavorful and colorful recipes (with full-page photos for every recipe) that will entice you to start AIP and stay on it!
  • Includes recipes for 8 flatbreads!
  • Includes reintroduction suggestions for many recipes.
  • Includes both simple and practical everyday recipes as well as special meals. 
  • Includes 4 weekly meal plans as well as menus for special occasions.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Green Chutney Baked Fish, Butter Chicken, Fried Calamari, Fish Tikka Masala, Kheema Samosas, Naan, Mango Pie, Saffron Ice Cream are some examples of what you will find in this book. All of the recipes have an Indian element but the recipes are greatly influenced by other international dishes/cuisines too making this cookbook globally attractive! Whether you are new to AIP or have tried AIP before, this 296 pages cookbook with full page color photographs for every recipe, will make AIP more enjoyable and exciting for you!

Do you want to know about the AIP diet and who should be doing it?

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To see more details of what is inside the AIP INDIAN FUSION cookbook and to PURCHASE it, click here.

The PRINT book is available to US and Canadian residents. here is the link to get the book on and here’s the link to get the book on The ebook is available to be downloaded from anywhere in the world.

Finally, I want to thank the Lord and my family for making my dream come to fruition! I think my cookbook is so much better now than what I was planning to write in 2007 since this book has the ability to heal and make people healthier! How cool is that! I sincerely hope that this cookbook can help you try AIP and stay on it so you can heal your body from pain and inflammation and manage your autoimmune disease.

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  1. I bought your cookbook when it first came out. I was not overly familiar with Indian cooking, but excited to try them. The recipes have been easy for me to understand and have turned out great. Even my good friends have enjoyed them. Thank you so much for using your talent and knowledge to create this really great cook book.

    • Thank you so much for this fantastic review:) Appreciate it greatly and so glad you are enjoying the book! I want to request you to leave a review on too for the book if you can so that many more people can see it! thanks so much!

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