Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

dsc_1704-1OK you will not see me baking such treats often. But hey its the holidays! And then what do you do when they come and tell you so excitedly ‘ Mom, you have got to make this cookie – can you guess what is in it? ‘ Hmm…let’s see chocolate chips? ‘ ‘ yes of course, but then what else?’  Me thinks ‘Nuts maybe?’  ‘No mom, you are going in the right direction’ ‘ OK OK why don’t you just tell me?’  ‘Mom, this is insane – there is an Oreo cookie stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie!, what an awesome creation, isn’t it?, you’ve got to make it for Christmas!’

Oh God, yeah truly awesome calories that’s for sure.! Anyways those cute eyes flickering with so much excitement made me give in. In case you are wondering, that wasn’t my 10 yr old daughter but my 16 year old son! One of his high schooler friends had evidently made one of these cookies and shared with him and his friends.

dsc_1702-1So along with my Christmas Cake baking, which I have been planning to bake this year , we went about baking these ‘ginormouslyamazing’ cookies 🙂 Of course, both of them helped which was great!

So I got the recipe from Tablespoon.com and we baked a couple dozen of these cookies in less than 2 hours. The recipe for the dough was perfect and we carefully placed a cookie dough layer on top and bottom of each oreo cookie and sealed the edges to result in cute, fat cookie dough lumps that baked to become these gigantic stuffed cookies.  For once a year, they are alright to have I guess plus they will be sharing the love with their neighborhood friends so technically my kids will only be eating a couple of these 🙂

Btw the cute small plates in the pics are what my daughter got for me from her class auction! So sweet of her isn’t it? Another reason I guess why I give in to their occasional demand for not-so-healthy treats 🙂 See the 2 hands dunking the cookies in the milk. Aww..I wish my babies weren’t growing up so fast!


dsc_1705-1For the recipe, please click link below : 




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    • ha ha Johanne. Yes it is indeed a ‘wicked’ cookie. But hey once in a year its ok to indulge as long as you promise to be good all year next year 🙂

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