Introducing ‘Around the World’ series

When I started my blogging journey a year ago I wasn’t exactly sure about many things.  Wasn’t sure whether I should do a separate blog for Kerala recipes, whether I should blog about the different Indian cuisines too since I cooked that also on a regular basis. And then there was my other motivation of exploring and learning new international cuisines. So over the past one year I have felt confused and a little overwhelmed at times trying to find my blog’s true space.  But I have just followed my guts (no pun intended! 🙂 ) and trudged along. As it so happened, my time constraints owing to my job and other responsibilities (aka mom’s job), I didn’t have the luxury to be pondering too much and I just went about living my life as usual – cooking every single day with the sole purpose of feeding fresh home cooked meals to my family. They include healthful dishes most of the times but having kids at home means also allowing for some indulgences. And so I bake and make sweet goodies also from time to time although I do try to make them some what healthy (or better as compared to ‘store bought’)  by adding less sugar, adding whole grains and healthful ingredients wherever possible.

Ok so what is my point of blabbering so much? Well what I was trying to say, albeit a little unsuccessfully thus far, is that I have decided to make some changes – mainly to make myself a little more focused. In an effort to add a little more discipline around my very haphazard blogging, I have decided to do an ‘Around the world’ series in addition to my regular blogging. The plan is to pick one random country a few times a year, perhaps every two months or so and look for authentic recipes for that country’s cuisine by either learning them from a friend or from books and /other media.  This way I can continue to make progress around my objective of continuing to learn new cuisines.

The idea behind doing this series is to really learn more about a country, its culture and its history by means of its food. And of course, take a virtual tour! Your pocket does not have to be big…a large, open heart and a bold palate is all that’s needed!

I am really excited to be introducing this series and will begin this month with a country that I am dying to visit! You will see it soon in my next post 🙂  I encourage all my fellow bloggers to link in the comments section of my ‘Around the World series’ posts with any recipes that they may have already posted on the highlighted cuisine / country.  Whenever possible I shall also link up to other posts or do round ups of other posts that relate to the highlighted country.

thanks to all for reading my posts( and putting up with my blabbering) and continuing to encourage me.  Much Love and wish you all a wonderful, healthful and joyous new year ahead! XOXO

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